Hello 2012!

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I did not plan to go to a watch night service. I had the choice between experiencing nuisance or be a part of celebration. Ida would not enjoy a long three hour service, we might not as we have to keep entertaining her. It would be nuisance to the people who sit next to us in the pew.

It was ten years ago I visited the Potters House for a watch night service. I’m now a member of Potters House, I realized I made a long away. I should not miss this precious moment. I buried my fear about what Ida would do for a moment, and decided to go.

Ida enjoyed her time by clapping hands, spending time with a girl who sat next to her. She received a treat from a magician, she saw the magic of escapism. She got balloons. She had boredom, so Anne had to entertain her by reading to her. She scribbled in her book when her boredom intensified. She cried, went to sleep before the year 2012 bells rang.

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