Quotes of Bishop T.D. Jakes

“You stop being you when you see them.” T.D. Jakes on loosing your own identity when you associate with wrong people.

“When you have a great moment, save it in a box and use it when things don’t go well.”

“Can you exercise your faith when God does not speak.”

“You don’t have to be perfect, but be present.”

“The difference between the successful people and the ordinary people is the sacrifice.”

“Your destiny is in the storm and fire.”

“Your inlook determines the outlook.”

“Great leaders are leaders who become available in the time of a chaos.”

“Many of us are not haters. But we become hateful when we love principles over peoples.”

“Sometimes God put his feelings in your enemies. Can you love your enemies?”

“What we believe in can divide us, but whom we believe in can unite us.”

“We Christians sometimes spiritualize a mental condition.”

“Take your medications until God heals you.”

“You had to kill something so you can survive.”

“I would like to be with people who have failed and survived. Not with anyone who has not gone through anything and have not failed.”

“Believe that you received it, not that you will receive it.”

“You are a carnal Christian because you respond to your fleshly needs – hear, sense, listen.”

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