Quotes of TD Jakes

“Can you manage your conflict and reach your destiny”

“If God wants to take you to your destiny, you will go through chatters.”

“The burning bush is, you are coming back to your dream that you let to sleep”

“Your negativity stops you from your possibilities”

“Immigrants and indigenous have fought each other in the US history. You being an immigrant, you should be adaptable to the situation.”

“People wont bring the mind to the money.”

“Without the voltage, the current is not useful”

“We spiritualize everything.”

“The song is a song when it is sung to someone. That is the case with the money also.”

“God gives to a liberal because the liberal gives more.”

“Peter was an actioner”

“Church is a jungle. It is a social construct which has it’s own language.”

“When things don’t get attention, they are neglected.”

“What is left to your Children does not matter, what is in it matters”

“Money buys all the things. But the salvation is not a thing, so can’t buy. You can access things with the money.”

“You have to put behind things.”

“David wants it alive when God was trying to kill you.”

“Your destiny is decided by what you think of yourself, not by what others think about you.”

“If you can kill in your mind, you can kill it in your life.”

“Defy the urge to quit. You will win if you don’t quit.”

“You can be successful and be afraid at the same time.”

“I’m not afraid if someone has gone before it.”

“You should be afraid of not achieving.”

“When you settle, you become your worst enemy,”

“Profit is what left when the transaction is over.”

“Every action has an opposite reaction. For every word that comes to you, there should be an opposite reaction with your faith.”

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