Staging your home for success

The ‘staging’ of the home is fun as well as painful. Only few real estate agents give weighing to staging a home. The agents who don’t have a marketing budget to sell your home don’t even mention about it. Inexperienced real estate agents don’t have any idea whether it works or not, so they will simply say it does not work.

I have found success in selling my home after I staged the home through professional staging people. They charge between $100 to $200 per hour. Who pays for it? The real estate agent who represent you to sell your home should pay for it. It should come from his budget and not from your pocket.

The staging is more than positioning the furniture and keeping the home clean. The buyers want to see an opportunity in your home. They want to see space, more space and a lot of space. The space is always a window of opportunity for you to sell also. The idea is to remove all the clutters from the home, and the rooms should have minimal furniture and decorations. What to do with the furniture that you don’t want in the rooms? Putting all the items in the garage is not a good idea. All buyers look in your garage also. You may move them to a storage place – a 10×10 storage room costs $50 a month only.

After removing the clutter from the home, the next thing to do is arrange them. This is where the professional stagers have great ideas. The stagers I have worked with had a great idea to convert a room in a certain way after they looked at the floor plan. The idea was far superior to a different real estate agent who helps their clients to stage also. That idea played a great part in selling my home.

You need to have a small budget to spend when working with the stagers. They can work with what you have already to transform your rooms to a new look. What they look for is adding themes to your rooms. You may have to buy some additional furniture or art work to increase the spice of the room. Why not spend $250 on a home that you are selling for $350,000? If your house has great appeal, you will get more money for your home and $250 that you put to generate that appeal finally pays off.

Avoid hanging religious symbols in home if you want to sell your home to someone who don’t believe in your religion. A home with a Hindu Pooja room can attract people with similar faith but not Christians or Muslims. A lot of home buyers are non-religious also.

Some homes have a real problem – the smell of spices. Once you have decided to sell your home, use the windows and vent to keep the smell out. You may cook outside of your home for a while to completely eliminate the smell from the home. You may use room scents, but it can’t eliminate the odor of the spices completely. Remember to buy low spurious and pleasing scents if think it is good to use, because the strong smell can send a buyer away before he enters the home – some are allergic to scents.

Keep the home spotless. The tiles, blinds should be clean. The potential buyers will look at some important areas in your home. The cabinets, backsplash, tiles give immediate attention to the buyers. The master bath and bed room are important areas too. To avoid foul smell in the home, keep the trash can outside of the home.

Maintain the cleanliness. It requires indefatigable energy and focus from you as a seller to keep maintaining until you sell your home.

The staging is a creative work, and that comes from the experience. It is worth using professional stagers who have experience and instance creativity. When the agent who represent you works in harmony with your hard work, you have success!

Here are some comments from the prospective buyers about my home that I just sold:

Nice home. – Richard

Beautiful home. – Nan

This house is very nice and showed well. – Woo

Very clean and nicely staged. – Amy

Very Clean. – Dan

2 responses

  1. Why would you say in one sentence that the real estate agent should pay for the staging… and then discuss to budget $250 to sell a home for $350,000? There are also too many factors to be able to clearly say that the agent ( who is only paid IF the house sells) should foot the bill. It all depends on the situation and if the seller is willing to cooperate in others ways ( such as making sure it is priced appropriately for the value it represents)

    • Why would you want to waste your time and the seller’s time if the house is not priced correctly?

      The $250 budget that I talked about is not the sellers paying the staging professionals.

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