Quotes of TD Jakes

“God looked for a man, not a woman.”

“The man who does not have self control can’t defend.”

“I believe America’s problem is fatherlessness.”

“You can’t act like a father when you don’t have a map.”

“Our president made to the Whitehouse without a father.”

“There is no reward without sacrifice.”

“Small churches talk about serving, so they can grow. A matured Church talks about helping the individuals.”

“Instinct is oblivious.”

“It is hard to teach about instinct.”

“When it is hard to teach a subject, you teach the familiar to reveal the unfamiliar.”

“You should have instinct inside to have increase outside.”

“If you don’t understand your gift, you will not protect it.”

“You can be jealous and creative at the same time.”

“I will work on my thing on my level.”

“You work on your thing.”

“One talent guy thought about survival than success.”

“You will not have success if you have fear.”

“Is the processing behind the failure?”

“Pride, presumptiveness and prayerlessness lead us to failures.” – Dr.Cynthia James

“One talent guy exposing the fear rather than his talent.”

“Are you a teacher or baby sitter?”

“Anything you babysit wont increase.”

“Anything that you maintain wont maximize.”

“Good people walk by obedience but the great people walk by instinct.”

“The instinct is the power to feel the moments.”

“Three 20s don’t make a 100.”

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