Bishop TD Jakes quotes

The promise is in your pain… it’s in your discomfort. You’re almost there! PUSH!

Let the world know that you are a BIG PUSHER! You can endure the pain.

You cannot be the old you and get a new blessing. This is a confirming Word.

You don’t get anything without a struggle. You have to FIGHT for your house!

You are going to have to resist your own insecurity and their doubt. BE STRONG!

“Be strong and be very courageous” cause God knows that what you’re going to do is going to be through your inner strength!

The more you are up under attack the more you should worship!

Every creative thing you have birthed… you birthed through joy!

You’ve got to fight off everything that is squatting on your land!

If you don’t believe correctly you won’t receive correctly.

I break every curse over our life… over your family… over your finances. It will fall in your LIFETIME! It’s coming!

What your children think about life will be a reflection of you. Sometimes God will bless you for them.

You’re waiting on God to give it so you can take it but God says if you take it, I’ll give it to you!

I did not call you to be a cheap copy of a great original!

Some people are not homeless physically. They are homeless spiritually… emotionally.

Impatient people will never inherit the blessings from God. They don’t have time to grow or time to graze. BE CONSISTENT!

The land only benefits consistent people! Once you plant me, leave me alone. Let me go through the changes and seasons

With no place to grow or graze you are cursed to be a wanderer!

“When you’re out in the world remember who you are and Whose you are”

The difference between greatness and mediocrity is the small things. Be effective at the details!

Destiny is the force that pulls you out of all of your distractions!

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